Our Trade-Ins & Purchasing Policy

  • As parents, we all know that kids grow fast and need to cycle through outfits regularly. We would love to trade with you! But please keep in mind… Fairily Used is NOT a thrift store. As a little sister store of Boheme Used Clothing & Gifts, we pride ourselves in handling unique and exceptional clothing. Because we are a “mom and pop” shop providing affordable gently used items to the community, we have to buy low in order to sell low. The average price of children’s clothing is significantly less than adult clothing, so we must be EXTREMELY selective in what we accept and sell in our little store. If you are looking to get a larger monetary return from your items, it may be best to try to sell them individually online rather than selling them to us. 

    We provide two options for you to trade-in your items: 1.) Bring in your items to review with us during posted trade-in hours, or 2.) Drop-off at our store at your convenience during our open business hours. Please be sure to read details below to find out which option would work best for you.

    If you would like for us to go through your clothes with you to determine what we would like to purchase and to get an idea of how we price our items, you will need to come to our store during our posted trade-in hours. If we review your items with you in-person, we will price their trade-in value and calculate the total store credit or cash we will offer you. On average, we offer 25% in store credit or 12.5% in cash of the price we might be able to sell the item for. YOU ARE FREE TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE OUR IN-PERSON TRADE-IN OFFER.

    You are more than welcome to drop off your items with us to review on your own schedule. Once your items are left with us, we will review and price their trade-in value as we normally would, and will provide you with store credit (automatically applied to your account). HOWEVER, NOTHING IS RETURNED TO YOU IF YOU CHOOSE TO DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS WITH US. For this reason, and because our goal is to have happy trade customers, we ask that you get familiar with our system and how we value and price merchandise by attending at least one in-person trade-in session prior to simply dropping any items off. Please limit drop-offs to one medium sized storage bin (or box) or three paper grocery bags.

    You will have up to six (6) months to use your store credit OR to “cash out” for half of the store credit value on your account. When you shop, you may choose to use your credit towards 50% of your total purchase (you pay half, and your store credit is applied to the other half). Store credit is good towards ALL PRODUCTS in Fairily Used, AND at Boheme Used Clothing & Gifts down the street! In addition, please note that you can use store credit toward 100% of any purchase at Boheme at any time.



Frequently Asked Questions About Trade-Ins