Current Trade-In Information & FAQs

  • Trade-In Days for the Week of April 9 – April 15:

    • Sorry , we are full and won’t accept any clothing this week 


    We buy gently used children’s clothing that has been washed and are free of stains and harsh odors, and do not take items that have holes, rips, or have been “too loved” over the years. We accept a significantly larger percentage of toddler and older kids clothes than we do infant clothes (through 24 months).

    We are currently looking for high quality spring clothing and accessories, unless exceptionally unique or cute/fashionable. There are some items we purchase year-round that may not be in-season, as noted in the detailed list below.

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    What we are currently buying:

    • shirts & blouses
    • raincoats (all year)
    • ski/snow jackets (all year)
    • shorts
    • leggings
    • dresses
    • skirts
    • close-toed shoes
    • rain boots (all year)
    • super hero themed clothing (all year)
    • costumes & “dress-up” items (all year)
    • backpacks

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Do you buy clothes?
    Yes, we do offer you cash for your items if you are not interested in store credit. You have the choice of accepting 25% of what we believe the item will sell for in store credit, or 12.5% in cash. We do not consign items – we offer you immediate cash or store credit.

    How long does it take to get my store credit?
    If you trade with us during our posted trade-in hours, we go through your clothes on-the-spot and will issue you store credit IMMEDIATELY. You can choose to make a purchase using store credit that same day! If you choose our drop-off option, we get around to going through your items as soon as we get a chance but can’t guarantee an exact date. It could be the next day, or perhaps a handful of days. In that case, we will contact you to let you know how much store credit was issued. Please be sure you understand our drop-off policy if you choose that option!

    Why do I only get to use store credit on 1/2 of any purchase I make?
    We give you credit for what we THINK your items will sell for. You can choose to use store credit the day we accept your items, and not wait until they sell. So we are giving you credit on items that may never sell at all. We also let you use your store credit on new items and handmade items, which are products that require cash and time for us to purchase (and/or make). Plus, there are the hard costs of just keeping the doors open: Rent, utilities, phones, labor, supplies, advertising, etc. We cannot exist and provide what we feel is a great opportunity and shopping experience to the community without cash flow. However, you DO have the option to use all of your store credit on any purchase at our “big sister store”, Boheme, just a few blocks away!

    When do I have to use my store credit by?
    Store credit is current and available for six (6) months from its issue date. You can choose to use it at both of our stores, Fairily Used Children’s Clothing & More or Boheme Used Clothing & Gifts. If you are not able or wanting to use your store credit prior to its expiration, you can request a “cash out” at any time for 1/2 of your account’s non-expired store credit.

    How do I know when to bring in items for certain seasons?
    We highly suggest you read through the introductory paragraph(s) and the following bullet list, “What we are currently buying”, at the top of this page. We keep this information up-to-date, with the goal of saving both you and us time during our trade-in process. If you are unsure if a type of item is being accepted at the current time, please feel free to give us a call at (530) 302-7409.

    Do you take more than just clothing?
    We do accept certain accessories that are in great condition, including shoes, hats, backpacks, and high quality girls purses/handbags. We are also always accepting costumes and themed “dress-up” items (please note that if an accessory is part of a set, we will most likely require for the set to be complete for us to be interested in it).

    Why is Fairily Used so picky about clothing lines?
    The way our system works, if we accept your items you are compensated whether they sell or not. We accept brands that we feel you will get many other washes out of. Our belief is that buying better quality items that resist stains and quick wear-and-tear will lead to clothing being shared, rather than being viewed as “disposable”.

    What does Fairily Used consider “high end” and quality items?
    Specialty and European lines that are sold in boutiques are highly desired, such as Mini Boden, Hanna Andersson, Nordstrom, Naartjie, Zara Kids, Janie and Jack, Mini & Maximus, J. Crew for kids (“crewcuts”), Koolabah, Nico Nico, and newer sets of Gymboree. Some middle-of-the-line brands such as Gap are often acceptable. Active/outerwear such as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Vans, Reebok, Puma, Columbia and other name brands are highly desirable (especially for boys).

    What items are not good sellers?
    Fairily Used customers are looking for QUALITY for the money, not “budget” clothing lines. Therefore, many of the inexpensive lines just don’t resale. Our rule on the ‘cheap’ lines is that is has to be super cute, unique, and in perfect condition for us to even consider it. Lines that we see hold up decently, but usually are so discounted and available that they do not hold a good resale value are Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Carters and Sprockets. Again, we will only consider super cute items in perfect condition for these types of lines which are very inexpensive when they first sold new.

    What lines do you not want us to bring in?
    We do NOT accept the common budget clothing lines from Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. Some examples of these lines are George, Mossimo, Cat & Jack, Toca Boca, Faded Glory, One Step Up, Garanimals, Basic Editions, and Route 66. We will only consider unique, super cute items (or item types/sizes we are especially low on) from lines like Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Carters, Sprockets, and similar.

    How can we get the most value from the clothing we bring in to you?
    – A GOOD RULE OF THUMB IS TO THINK OF WHAT CONDITION YOU WOULD WANT AN ITEM OF CLOTHING TO BE IN WHEN YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR YOUR CHILD. If you wouldn’t want to buy it due to its condition (how it looks or smells), then please DON’T BRING IT.
    – We are always sad when clothing comes in soiled, torn, smelly, or significantly wrinkled. 95% of these items are donated off. We just can’t afford to put in the time to try to make them presentable to customers.
    – Outerwear typically has the biggest soiling problem, as parents do not wash this as frequently and often forget to inspect it before putting it in the pile to bring in to us. Please remember to examine/wash outerwear prior to bringing it in.
    – We do not expect you to iron your clothing, but it needs to be ready to hang and sell. We will have to turn the item down if we feel it is wrinkled enough to appear undesirable to customers.
    – Sets need to be together. We will often reject a single item that would have appeal if the matching piece were with it. Please fold them together.
    – We will only put so much effort into a trade-in “drop-off” if we are finding holes, stains, pet hair, a funky smell, etc. as we start looking through your items. If you are choosing to drop items off during non-scheduled trade-in times, please MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND OUR DROP-OFF POLICY!