About Fairily Used

  • Meet the Owner

    Meet the Owner

    Yelena Ivashchenko has been crocheting and creating her own clothing for many years.  When she arrived in Davis in 2005 as a single mom, fate was not kind; she got hit by a car and had to use a wheelchair during a lengthy recovery.  She spent her time caring for her two young girls and creating handmade clothing, and started exploring ways she could sell her items to earn income.  Over the next several years she held a variety of jobs, including being a social worker and working at the Davis Farmers Market.  She simultaneously sold her clothing and accessories at the Davis Arts Center Holiday Show, the UC Davis Whole Earth Festival, online, and at other special events.

  • Her Inspiration

    Her Inspiration

    A big believer in repurposing “life leftovers”, having a passion for colors and textures, and dreams about magical creatures inspired Yelena to to become a fabric artist.  She started her own business named Snoozles (a name she created to symbolize all things fuzzy, snuggly, furry, colorful, and fun)!  Calling herself a “fusion mixilogist”, she would combine thrift store finds, scraps, kids art, tie-dye, yarn, and things from nature.

  • Bringing a Dream to Life

    Bringing a Dream to Life

    In July 2015, Yelena purchased Bohème Used Clothing & Gifts in downtown Davis, and immediately began to expand its product line by integrating her handmade items into the store, and has been building onto it ever since.  Then, in early July 2017, Yelena met Loren Skinner while browsing through his downtown Davis store, “Teach Your Children”.  Both being local business owners, a conversation started about how difficult it is to keep small retail stores alive in the age of online shopping and “big box” store competition.  In an effort to stay afloat, Loren had been entertaining the idea of condensing his current store to half its size and having another business come in to share the space.  For over a decade, Yelena had the dream of opening a kids clothing store and saw this as the opportunity to finally go for it and create a “little sister store” of Bohème.  In approximately three weeks of intense preparation and work, Fairily Used was open for business on August 1, 2017.




Grand Opening Event

Celebrating with the community

Variety of Clothing

Some tie-dyed shirts & other cool items

Trick-Or-Treat Trail

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Holiday window decorating contest with TYC